How To Train Your Brain To Write

Training, is the key word. When you want to run a marathon you have to be motivated to even want to do it? Why would anyone want to run? That’s my question? I hear people say I feel this rush and I love it. {shudder}

The whole concept of getting outdoors and walking, jogging or worse running is totally foreign to me. However the process is the same. I love to write. There are times I don’t feel motivated, I don’t have a story, I will go out to my favorite writing site and look for contests to enter. I will google writing prompts and scroll through them until I find one that hits me and my brain begins to form a plot out of the prompt.
In these instances I don’t plan, I just write what I think the story is about. Sometimes the writing is in detail and other times it’s about the basic action.

I’d love to say “Write something every day.” We all know that in our busy schedule we may not be able to do that. The same with running. If it’s a past time we fit it in our lives when we can. If it’s something we love, we push other things aside to MAKE time to run.

A marathon is like the National Write a Novel in a Month. We prep for it in October and then on November 1 we start writing. We move everything aside so there is time to write every day. Sometimes we write more on a day to plan for those days when our schedule is full.

I am just 5 days from the finish line and I have 5,106 words left to write. I don’t want to be like the Hare in the fable and not finish or have to madly write at the end. I will plug along today and every day until I get to the end.

This is what I feel is training your brain. If you look for stories in life, you’ll find them. If you keep a running idea of what you like to write, you can always fit a story in to that narrative. I just wrote a story for a contest the other day. I have a setting I love and it’s a bit on the weird and spooky side. I fit the prompt into that idea and wrote almost 3,000 words about a camera that captured the subjects when they were filmed. You can train your brain to write, if you just write to train your brain.

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