Day 13 of the NANOWRIMO

Just a post to say I’m on track. I logged my total words last night at 22,285.
I’m progressing on this story. I don’t write in ACTS. I’m not even sure how. I just keep writing the story.

Overview up to now-
The body parts are found. Our Main Character, Andrea Watson and FBI agent Fletcher Peterson, have connected with the Hmong doctor who preserved more body parts found by fellow fishermen. Now it’s been revealed there is a connection to two missing women, one from Kansas and one from Missouri.
Our Main character has been approved to travel to Kansas to observe the investigation there. This is a thorn in her team leader’s side. He can’t understand why she is asked by the FBI to go. He throws the news article about her father on her desk accusing her of seeking the limelight in the public eye. Something Andrea abhors.
A number of people the two have questioned mention a family that lives on the lake. Their description of the father and his overbearing control of his children has moved his name to the top of their suspect list.
What is going to happen once she gets to Kansas? What will they find there? Will Andrea’s research into reports from the locals lead her to find a connection the authorities missed before? What will Fletcher think about her ability to “see” what others miss?

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