The Death Of The Family Secret | HuffPost UK

Ancestry and other DNA-testing companies are bringing old family secrets to light. These friends are now dealing with the truth about their fathers.
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I’ve done my DNA as did my husband, son and daughter. I was pretty confident I knew most of my relatives so wasn’t concerned. It’s been fun building my family tree.

After reading this article I have a different view about these resources. I don’t think they should go away or be limited in any way. I do however feel each person purchasing a kit must first be required to read and sign EACH clause so they understand the risks involved in participating in the research.

I was initially upset that gedcom restricted law enforcement from freelancing DNA . They hired genealogists to trace possible family trees based on DNA they found at crime scenes. I applaud this ingenuity. The fact they’ve located and apprehended rapists and murderers is exceptional.

Now I see this can become a problem. I’ve been watching the Adnon Syed conviction as well as others possibly convicted wrongfully. We have a corrupt legal system. Not in every case. If the system fails repeatedly then that’s too many not to address.

DNA can be miss used. People tried and convicted wrongfully. Like anything else it can be miss used. The more research that’s done the more opportunity.

Summer-Begin the Diet

June is a great month. Spring is fading and for some maybe the snow will stop.  School is out and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to write.

I don’t have kids in school but I did decide to start a diet.  After a few weeks I found my attention to my diet wained  as the monotony of the diet set in.  So today I thought about how to apply what I learned about writing to my diet.

What is my goal? Right now it’s to lose 5 pounds in the next few weeks.

What is my motivation? First of all it’s to drop below a certain # that has been my nemesis. Once I establish that weight, I’ll set another goal.

What are my conflicts? Boredom. When I’m at work I have a repetitive job. At times once the morning coffee has worn off, my mind wanders, my hands and mind want something to eat. I try drinking water to fill in those minutes I wait for answers.  I need to get through those hours between 10 and 12, or 2:00.
Temptations: Bread. Everything seems to have some kind of breading on it or with it.  I don’t want to hide in my home, but the temptation to ignore the diet and say “Oh Well, I’m not Keto Tina today.”

These are conflicts that my characters have to deal with. Everyday situations that prevent them from attaining their goal. It could be a loss of motivation. I see that happening in reading new writer’s work. They get bogged down in little details they think are important but doesn’t move their story toward the goal.
I need to make sure each day I have a goal that I keep in front of me to keep me motivated to stay on task. I’m still not sure how to do it, but I’ll be looking at my characters and see how I do it for them.

I can see that treating my characters in bringing them through a story is the same a my journey through a diet. I hope the result is as satisfying for them as it will be for me.