It’s Almost Done

I know it’s been months since I posted. A lot has happened.

In my last post I talked about a new book and 100 Day Challenge. I over estimated the word count for this book. I got through about 50k and in the middle got stuck.

After a breakthrough I continued writing but didn’t get close to the 80k I thought I could do. Now I could have written that many words if the story would have driven me. Sadly it fell apart. I scrambled around picking up pieces looking for a way to move forward to a goal I thought I’d made at the beginning. I’m still working on it.

The good news is in the last two months I have finished re-editing my first novel, The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan, and found a publisher.

I struggled with the cover. I wanted to use the same one I had. But technically it wasn’t possible. We had to create a new one. That was a week of looking at photos. I finally found one and the design team magically recreated the cover and made it more up to date. I’m thrilled with it. I have a little bit more work to make sure it’s the way I want it. I can’t afford a proofreader so I’ll try to put it through Natural Reader and listen for mistakes. Then it’s ready for release.

I have a publisher for my next Novel. Silent River. This design team came up with a beautiful cover using a photo of the Columbia River.

This book will be released on Kindle unlimited. It will also be available as a paperback. This one should be released in March also.

I’ll post the launch dates for both.

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