100 Day Book

Can you write a book in 100 days? If you’ve ever heard of National Write a Novel in a Month, then you know it’s possible to do it, or at least start it in 30 days. It starts every November.

I’ve taken the challenge 3 times and succeeded 2. My first published novel began in the challenge. I was driven. The story poured out of me. 50 thousand words in one month. Then I had foot surgery the day after Christmas and wrote another 50k that month. It was done. Well, the first draft was done.

I joined “the Write Practice” on line and posted my crime novel by chapter. I received great feedback and it’s been accepted by a publisher.

This site also has a 100 Day Book challenge. With a guarantee. If you finish the book they pay you $100.00. Now that doesn’t cover the $69.00 a month while you work it. It is a nice reward for something you wanted to do anyway.

There are benefits. There’s accountability, and lessons on crafting your writing. You get feed back from fellow writers. For what it’s worth most are in the same boat as you are. I’m told there are editors who read and critique your posts.

Wish me well as I begin this journey in a few weeks, mid October to be exact.

I hope to have the new book published in a few months. Depending on any editing requirements.