How Self-publishing Companies Blur the Issue of the ISBN – 1106 Design

Some self-publishing companies tell authors their book will be registered in their name. This is correct but incomplete. The steps to obtaining an ISBN.
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I found this today. It answered questions I didn’t know to ask.

Silent River’s Sister book

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll remember I talked about “Jeb”. His first draft is finished and he gave me the privilege of reading it.

What an amazing story he’s put together. I can’t wait until he’s worked out some of the kinks and fine tuned it.

It has all the facts and drama. Well, to a point. I have the drama in my part.

I can’t reveal anything in it, but if you know the real story of the Martin family who went missing in 1958. You have the basics.

What goes into writing a story like this? Time and Money! Research, research and knocking on doors. He’s done that with diligence.

I started my research before the internet. I lost the drive for it after I moved here and got stonewalled by Ann Sullivan and Margie Boule who wanted all my research while refusing to give anything they had. We reached a stalemate.

Now that I have a partner in this crime story and my family kept pushing me to write it, I did it.

I still have editing to do and I’m meeting “Jeb” for a consultation. I may have more to add.

I’m still working on getting a publisher for both Silent River and The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan.

I’m hoping for good news in the coming months.