Am I Celebrity?

I hardly think so, but I’ve just been interviewed by an fellow author who posted the interview on her blog.

<a href=<the interview

I guess I did pretty good. After reading it, I feel more pressure to write. I’m on page 26 of my camp nano 100 page challenge. I made the goal reasonable to accomplish, knowing I had commitments the first two weeks that kept me from writing for any length of time .

Normally I could whip off 100 pages in a week or so. Since I’m still struggling with my story and need to push through it, I gave myself a goal I could manage.

My new story will be written similar to my published novel. Because its the only clear way to tell it. I’d started it before with a single point of view, but it lacked a real goal. At least that was what I was told by others. In writing it from the point of view of the great granddaughter and her great grandmother’s diaries,  I can tell the story of how life for the Chinese in the early 1900’s were just has horrific as many of the African slaves who were sold to U.S. Citizens.

I’ve learned to respect their culture. Most Chinese do not play the victim card and expect the citizens of the USA to pay their way. They have come here,  stayed here buying and growing businesses for their own people. They came to give their children a better way of life. They’ve shared that culture with those of us who have come to love and respect their food, fireworks, cleaning and tailoring abilities, to name a few common things.

I hope when this book is done, others will learn a little about the Chinese life in Oregon during the gold Rush era. It isn’t something I’m proud to say is Oregon Heritage, but life is what people make, good or bad we all have to deal with the repercussions of our ancestors acts. We don’t have to continue that mentality.

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