What to do with a Story

I’ve hit a bit of a snag with my outline. While running through a folder I found a story I dropped a while a go. Another story my group didn’t think was interesting.

After looking it over I thought of a way to revive it. What if the the young girl in the present day began a research journey to write her great-grandmother’s story, using her diaries as the plot line.

While researching she discovers a secret much like her great grandmother did. She gets into a bit of trouble and an undercover ATF agent gets her out of it.   Hmm I think this might carry my story better than it did the first time.. On to writing.

Writing can be work

This past year I’ve been struggling with my writing. Many of you can relate. Some call it writer’s block. It wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas, I did. I couldn’t get enthused enough about them to dig in and really write.

I came up with an idea a few months ago and began the ploting process. I had the plot line, characters, some of the conflicts and took the idea to my little writing group which now consists of about 4 regulars. I pitched it and even had them read part of my chapter one.

I can tell you it wasn’t a good response. They really cracked their knuckles and tore the story to shreds. It did need work. It had weak points in just the first chapter. The next time I went to the meeting I had a different idea of where the story might go. That didn’t resonate with them either. I kept writing and fixing, but eventually I got tired of it and set it aside. It had weak points I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to correct. Maybe the whole story was weak. It sits in a folder in my computer for some later date, maybe a short story.

Depressed and a bit worried I’d never find another story, I went to some writing prompt sites hoping for some inspiration. Some ‘What if’s.” I may have found one.

“What if a person watching TV saw a news report about a missing person? What if the person had just met them and spoke with them maybe even went on a date with the person?” What story could one come up with?  I’m running with it. Maybe this plot will be the one that I can sink my pen in the ink and write another great story that will keep people turning pages like they did with the last one.

Here’s to another work in progress. Note: I’m not taking this story to the writer’s group until its over halfway done. {wink} I love my group but right now my ego is pretty bruised.

Check up on my progress on Pathway in Time. No its not a time travel: Action/Adventure.

Until next time, keep writing.