Just Say NO

I love helping people begin their writing experience. I wished I had experienced writers early on to help me. It wasn’t until I joined Writing.com that I began to get real feedback on my writing. It wasn’t pretty and I almost gave up a few times.

What I did get was the encouragement to look at the reviewer. How experienced are they? then I reacted with a better attitude about growing as a writer. I had to rewrite a lot.

Not long ago I approached a writer who had been working on her manuscript for a long time. I skimmed over it and gave her some very tentative advice on what would make her story a better story. She couldn’t see what was wrong because others told her the story was great.

I told her the truth. It was a great idea, but needed work. I asked her questions and when she struggled to answer them she began to see the holes in her story. She went back to work on it and published it.

She was nice enough to add me to her acknowlegements at the front of her book. I again reached out to advise her to write more stories. She is going in a different direction which I think will do better for her.

Writers can be very attached to their manuscripts. If they have worked on them for a long time writing and rewriting it can be very difficult to admit they need help and have to change. I once wrote a whole story and found out it wasn’t culturally correct. I had to scrap the whole story. I couldn’t see how to get around the meeting of the first two characters. I had a great backstory the leant to this fantastic event. It would have made a great movie. Action/Adventure. I just couldn’t rework it. Maybe sometime I’ll go back and see about trying to find a way for my MC meet the person who will change him.

Life is about changing. In this new year, pull out those old notebooks and open them again. Don’t ask your friends to read them. They will never really tell you what you need to hear. Find someone else. Someone who reads the genre you write. Give them the questions you want answered and have them ask you the questions your story didn’t answer.

Get back to writing. I will try hard to post more on her for you to read and hopefully encourage you to write.