Everyone Can Write

I truly think writing is nothing more than drawing on your inner child, imagining everything is possible then writing it down. It’s the adult that’s the wet blanket and interferes saying .

“Its dumb. No one will like it. You’re not a kid anymore.”

Slam the door in it’s face. Until you put your work out and learn how to REARRANGE what you wrote not throw it away, you’ll become a writer.

It’s that simple. The great Michelangelo learned to craft something out if stone. He didn’t start with DAVID. He started with bowls and spoons. Then imagined bigger. I’ll bet we don’t see the early works because they were EDITED into something we love today. DAVID may have started out as MOSES!
Look what we see after his editing process.
Just think about that.

How Does it Feel to be Published?

The first day my book, The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan went live I felt excited. To see my book listed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well as Kobo, felt like my dream came true. I sat and just looked at the page hoping to see purchase numbers twirl like a gas pump indicator. I can’t really see sales as I’m not the publisher. I can only read the reviews like everyone else.
As readers told me they liked the story and I read the reviews I sat back for a moment to adjust.
These readers were not family. Some were friends reading to support me. Yet none of them had read anything else I’d written. They read this book because someone recommended it or they read the “back of the book” and were genuinely intrigued.
My mind wrapped around this phenomenon. Me, uninteresting Tina, had written a book a publisher thought interesting and now others loved it too.
People who read and posted reviews say its a book that’s hard to put down until they were done. Some read it in one sitting. Some until the wee hours of the morning. I loved the storyline and I felt thrilled others loved it too.
When someone tells me or I see the reviews that say how much they liked it, I still feel inadequate.
Its the words that follow that leave me shaking.
“What else have you written?” Or “When is your next book coming out?”
That scares me. I don’t write in one genre. I write stories: Mystery, Suspense, Detective, paranormal and whatever the topic is that hooked me.
I have a suspense in the plotting stage. A detective story in need of a second draft or 3,4…  A historical and a second chance romance all beating down the mental door wanting their story told.
Now I need to stop selling my book and sit down to write.
Sit down without distraction and write….
I was in a store today and an opening came. I sold another book. I love this part of writing too.