Bad writing or Good PR?

My sister showed me a audio book by an author she likes. After reading the synop I thought I’d try it. Its been a long time since I listed to a book read to me.

I became intrigued at the plot line and the set up still had me interested for a number of chapters. I don’t know if the abridged version would have been a better one to listen to. I became very bored with the author’s redundancy. Here’s what I mean.

The wife of the MC worked on a case the Government deemed an accident. She drops some questions to her new husband, that gets his interest peaked. There were a number of witnesses and their claims were debunked. Any further questions were answered with “That’s the conspiracy theory and has no merit.”

I’m still listening to the story line. The theory is laid out. A,B,C,D. I got it. It was repeated a couple of times with E,F,G added. Then the story progressed repeating the A-G fact and theory over and over. I’m half way through the book and the characters are still tilting at the A-G windmill. Suspects are questioned and requestioned all repeating the same A-G or parts of it. Now I’m a bit miffed. When is the climax or end going to be? Are they going to solve the mystery? Is some Government agent going to give up the one clue that will solve the case? No.

At 3/4 of the way through the book, MC and his wife are called into their superior’s offices and told they overstepped the line with their questions and were being sent to the nether regions for a few months “to rethink” their nosiness. The end? I thought so. I didn’t get my questions answered so I think its over. Nope. The two come back to town three months later and we are back to looking into the same questions from the last few chapters. The MC calls his friend and gets the address of the three people he was prevented from questioning before he left. Yes, he gets sent out of country because of his questions and is back in the country a few hours and he already is calling to ask the same questions. Now he finds one of the important people and the same A-G questions are asked. Nothing really new came out except the woman confirms the A-G theory. I thought the questions were over and he asks her again to go over the whole situation again. BORING!!

By the end of the book I got the ends tied up, but I was still bummed about getting through chapters of the same thing written over and over. As a author who wants a tight story I found the 582 pages could have been cut down a couple hundred pages.