My book is for sale

Today is the day I never believed would happen. All the stories and writing I’ve done for years have culminated to this day.

There were times over the last ten years I wondered if I would ever be able to write a novel someone would want to read. When I read of a incident in a family memoir, the Why became my mantra. Why would a town of people turn against a woman and her family? Why would they lie about her? Why would the town priest and officials agree to put her away? These questions wouldn’t let go of me.
What if? Has been a question I think about when I’m looking at a prompt or idea. I applied it to this situation and the story began to unfold.

After writing the story I looked for someone who would read it and would tell me if the story flowed correctly, if it had holes or inconsistencies.  After conversing with a new friend who passed on my question to a retired English teacher she returned with a proposition. Would I let their book club read it for a project. I was ecstatic.

The Pear Street Book Club read my manuscript.  I can tell you I was nervous as I waited for the women to arrive at the meeting after the month went by. To my amazement each woman greeted me with positive comments. They couldn’t put it down. They had constructive comments and all mentioned the same question I’d not tied up. Their enthusiastic response gave me confidence to begin the process of looking for a publisher.

I sent out queries to a number of agents and publishers. After a few months not one of them responded. Not one rejection letter. It was as if they never got what I sent. Maybe it was for a purpose.

The one thing I knew was essential for me to find was a good editor. I’ve read many self published e books and paperbacks that had me cringing with the common mistakes made by the common writer. I didn’t want to fall in that category.

Facebook for all its issues good and bad you can connect with people. You can network.  A publisher, on one of the writing sites I belong to, Beth Prybylski is part of Insomnia-Publishing. I sent her my pitch, synopsis and marketing plan. She asked for a chapter or two to read then the whole manuscript. They loved the story. We came to an agreement and the work began.

Its been a learning process for me and I’m sure for them. Now that my novel is available for purchase the next phase of marketing will begin.

It’s a A New Year

January 2015 is here. What a ride this last year has been. Yet as I look toward the first month of this new year its already started off with a big Bang.  Ok, The Oregon Ducks are playing in the Championship and I may be going to see them.

Last night I read a review on my book. The man gave me a 5 Star rating. Here is where you can read it.
This review gave me a much needed boost of self-confidence.  The next steps are getting it ready for e-publication. After that getting it to the printer for paperback editions.

I plan on having a book launch at my favorite place. Welcome Home Girlfriend.  This wonderful lady runs a monthly retreat on the 4th Friday of each month. My sister and I will make cupcakes with little books on top. Hopefully with my cover on them.

Publishing date is set

It’s finally here. JANUARY 20 is the date set. (Not in stone I’m sure). It looks so good.

There are still a few typos I’ve found proofreading. A lot to be frank. Most of them  Beth has fixed already. She’s so good at catching those pesky auto correct words. Even re-reading it, I see where I should have made some changes. When you write thoughts flow and you keep the momentum going. Now, I see there is a place where I should have inserted a portion in a different place. It changes nothing in the story,  It’s that second guessing ones choices that keeps me up at night. I’m sure it would have been caught if it were a problem.


I’m so pleased with the cover. My original idea was good at the time. After taking a class by Derek Murphy (Willamette Writers Conference 2014). I took a hard look at my idea and conferred with Beth, who reluctantly agreed to do it my way. I hope she agrees with me now it was a good choice. We’ll see as the marketing portion begins.

After family and friends have purchased and read the book I’m hoping they will review it on the different websites.

I’m self-conscious about my work. I also don’t want to put sloppy work in the hands of someone who’s spent hard earned money to buy it.  I’ve noticed some popular authors must leave editing and proofreading to others. They must feel their followers will forgive mistakes. I hope that never happens with me. I realize no book is perfect. I do want people to feel they got their money’s worth and suggest others to read it.

I’ve felt frustrated while reading some self-published books. A little more honing of writing skills is needed.

My cover
My cover

First 5 star rating

I read my first review solicted by my publisher. This man gave me a 5-star rating and a wonderful review.
On top of that my daughter, who has listened to all my story plots, read the manuscript for the first time. She called me from her first flight stop over and said she loved it so far. She said she heard my voice in the writing.
When she got home, she read more and finished the next day. She loved the story and is already passing the word around to her friends to buy it when its released.
I have had my short stories published here and there. This is my first novel to set out for publication. It has been well received. This has encouraged me to pick up one of my previous plots and start to work on it again.

I have finished 3 National Write a Novel in a Month challenges. This novel is one of the ones I finished. The one I’m going to be working on is in a very different style.  This one is a thriller/suspense.  What it isn’t about is the fight or conflict that is going on. Its about the people in the story. Their backstories, how they came to be in this one place and the twist at the end.

Its the ties at the end that I hope to gather and make the reader go “WOW, I didn’t see that coming.”  In M.Knight Shamalan’s movie Devil, what facinated me the most was at the end the movie the characters were tied together.