A book in 100 Days

Can it be done?  Of course. I can see heads shaking and others holding out their hands, fingers crossed to ward off evil.  The Write a Novel in a Month challenge has been doing this for years.

I wrote my first novel by completing the challenge of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Its an average of a little over 1700 words a day. There were some day’s I would write twice a much and others I barely made the quota. I did finish then went on to write another 50,000 the following January while I was laid up from toe surgery.  Yes, you can do it. The Nanowrimo which is the short name teaches you to write every day, even if it isn’t the story you started out writing.  In my case, this challenge is to write a complete novel. One must post each Friday for others to read and review.

This book has been a challenge for me since it isn’t a story that’s driving me to tell it like the first one. If I sat around waiting for that to happen again I may never write another book.  I took my mental What if? and started laying out scenarios. I don’t even remember what prompted this story.  It sounded good to me and other’s I bounced it off.

I’ve written over 10,000 words in the last two weeks. I have 70,000 more to go. I’d better get off this page and back to writing my story.

What if a woman was given a message from her recently deceased mother that said, “The only thing on your birth certificate that’s true is your birthdate.”

If the woman who raised her wasn’t her mother, then who was? That is my story.


100 Day Book

Can you write a book in 100 days? If you’ve ever heard of National Write a Novel in a Month, then you know it’s possible to do it, or at least start it in 30 days. It starts every November.

I’ve taken the challenge 3 times and succeeded 2. My first published novel began in the challenge. I was driven. The story poured out of me. 50 thousand words in one month. Then I had foot surgery the day after Christmas and wrote another 50k that month. It was done. Well, the first draft was done.

I joined “the Write Practice” on line and posted my crime novel by chapter. I received great feedback and it’s been accepted by a publisher.

This site also has a 100 Day Book challenge. With a guarantee. If you finish the book they pay you $100.00. Now that doesn’t cover the $69.00 a month while you work it. It is a nice reward for something you wanted to do anyway.

There are benefits. There’s accountability, and lessons on crafting your writing. You get feed back from fellow writers. For what it’s worth most are in the same boat as you are. I’m told there are editors who read and critique your posts.

Wish me well as I begin this journey in a few weeks, mid October to be exact.

I hope to have the new book published in a few months. Depending on any editing requirements.

Silent River’s Sister book

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll remember I talked about “Jeb”. His first draft is finished and he gave me the privilege of reading it.

What an amazing story he’s put together. I can’t wait until he’s worked out some of the kinks and fine tuned it.

It has all the facts and drama. Well, to a point. I have the drama in my part.

I can’t reveal anything in it, but if you know the real story of the Martin family who went missing in 1958. You have the basics.

What goes into writing a story like this? Time and Money! Research, research and knocking on doors. He’s done that with diligence.

I started my research before the internet. I lost the drive for it after I moved here and got stonewalled by Ann Sullivan and Margie Boule who wanted all my research while refusing to give anything they had. We reached a stalemate.

Now that I have a partner in this crime story and my family kept pushing me to write it, I did it.

I still have editing to do and I’m meeting “Jeb” for a consultation. I may have more to add.

I’m still working on getting a publisher for both Silent River and The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan.

I’m hoping for good news in the coming months.